About the Author

Matt Bio Pic 2020 v4 colourI’m currently a Principal Innovation Consultant at Planview, with the responsible for leading the delivery of the IdeaPlace Innovation Management Platform in the EMEA & APAC regions. I’m lucky enough to work alongside many great innovation teams around the world and together with my colleagues we help them to design their Crowd Innovation Programmes that engages employees, partners, and customers in the discovery of new ideas and the selection of the best to become tomorrow’s innovations.

My journey into the world of innovation began at the Ordnance Survey where the chance to join the newly formed innovation team embraced enthusiasm for creating the future. Since then, I have gone on to work with various companies from around the world who have engaged my passion for innovation whilst adding stamps to my passport.

I’m is based in Planview’s London office, although I spend most of his time in other people’s offices or on planes and trains between the two. I enjoys writing and speaking at conferences on the various topics of Crowdsourcing Innovation and I hold three degrees including a PhD.

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