The Suggestion Box – Innovation Humour

Check out Troopers from CollegeHumor on Youtube

Check out Troopers from CollegeHumor on Youtube

Every now and again I come across something on YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn about innovation that makes me laugh. Usually I repost or share it there with friends and colleagues but today I thought I’d start to save some of the best and share them here on my blog. I did think about writing some long piece on the pros and cons of the suggestion box but actually this video from CollegeHumor does a great job of doing that and is far more amusing.

If you are a big Star Wars fan but ever wondered what it would be like if Storm Troopers were a bit more inept (aside from being hopeless at shooting blasters at anything other than the side of a Jawa Sandcrawler) and more like The Office then watch the rest- they’re pretty awesome. Please note there is some “adult humour” so if you are easily offended then watch some cat videos on YouTube instead. If not click below to play and enjoy.

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